I want to quit so badly.


'Bluebell Path...' by David Mould

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C.S. Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

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self-respect is my respect for myself

i could as well suck 3 thousand dicks and still respect myself so shut the fuck up

Hell I would respect u for sucking 3 thousand dicks

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how do you determine if someone is too old to date?
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I have a handy chart I like to use for this exact dilemma 

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It really does work on ANY kind of cat.

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☆  .                   ☆ .                                      ☆

           ☆                               ☆            ☆  .

 ☆                 .☽               .                                      ☆

                  ☆             .                     ☆    

oh look now we don’t have to look outside anymore 

such a beautiful night tonight

this is the saddest thing ive ever seen on here

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  • everyone: how long have you been single!?!
  • me: birth
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In your hoof lies the heartland
Where we tent for our treasure…

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